Dear woman of the world

Whether you are 4, 14, 40 or anything around that age, let me start with the most important part of this message: it is NOT your fault.

It seems like you were born with this special power in you. This power of sensitivity, love and awareness. And this lovely strength of you might have grown a little curvy down the road. Instead of becoming it’s true nature of beauty, love and care, it might have transformed into the more distorted form of excessive feeling of responsibility.

Let me be clear: it is not your fault when your man is rude to the shop attendant. It is not your fault when your daughter yells at a friend. It is not your fault when your dog eats the neighbor’s cake and for sure it is not your fault when it rains, someone bumps into you or when someone is disrespectful to you.

I made excuses when I was hit. My heart pounded with shame when someone yelled at me. I worked my ass off, smiled a million smiles, fixed a thousand problems that were not mine until I dropped down sick and worn out. I then slowly started to realize: it is not my fault.

The guilt I felt was like a ghost through my system: inherited through ancestors, formed in my history and grown in this lovely life. So many actions I performed came out of my feeling of guilt.

Today I see, more clearly then ever: I am laying down the guilt. I am putting down the responsibility that is not mine. I am giving back all energies, pain, burden and troubles that do not belong to me. I am taking back my space, my life, my energy and my love to spend on me. I am gonna live my life, my dreams. I am going to take care of me.